Quick view of available kittens

This is a quick view of the kitties waiting for their forever home, the holidays won’t be so special if they are still in a rescue, some are getting big and harder to adopt.  If you have the space and love would you consider adopting one of our babies.

Ziri, spayed female

Zanobi, neutered male

Zayden, neutered male

Ece, spayed female

Amadi, spayed female

Darius, neutered male

Briley, neutered male

Laris is a male, he is a wonderful lovable kitten, Laris was adopted and returned because the cat in the home was not happy about a sweet boy taking over his domain.

Hadya, spayed female

Hasina, spayed female

Alohi, spayed female

Istvan, neutered male

Orlando, neutered male

Sarasota, spayed female

Ajani, neutered 3 legged male

Atwan, neutered male

Naina, female

Noam, neutered male

Pelton, neutered male

Pangari, spayed female

Panya, spayed female

Poonam, spayed female

Abira, female

Lil Okalani is a tiny girl that probably will stay small. She loves people and is friendly with other kitties.


Achilla, female

Acelin, neutered male

Qadir, neutered male

Qasim, neutered male

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