Charismatic Kitty for March-Jacobina (Adopted)

March’s “Charismatic Kitty” is Jacobina a tuxedo female kitten.  This girl was living with a colony of about 80 cats, before Christmas we took in 9 and they got adopted quickly, of the last group we still have 3 and Jacobina is one of them.

Jacobina was a talker when she arrived in January, she would always meow and speak to people when they entered the room but lately she has been quite reserved.  I think being in a rescue has broken her spirit and we need to find her a loving home very soon, it breaks my heart to see that she is down in the dumps.  She is warm, safe, fed and gets love when there is time but she needs a family to give her what she isn’t getting here.  If you can’t adopt please pass the work that is girl is in need, share with everyone so we can find Jacobina a home before she completely shuts down.

Call for information at (717)225-5095, or email .

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