Best buds would love to be adopted together (Adopted together)

This is Zanobi and Ashwin, both under a year old, did not come together, Zanobi has been here since July of last year and Ashwin just arrived this year.  Both these boy are very nice friendly cats to humans but it goes beyond human affection, Zanobi and Ashwin are very good buddies to each other, they love to run, play and wrestle to the point it’s like they have known each other all of their lives.

We would love to see these two boys adopted together to a family that doesn’t mind cats zipping through their home.  The normal adoption fee for two kittens is $135.00 and because we’d like to see them homed together we are lowering the fee to $100.00 for both. If interested in meeting these fun loving boys please call 717-225-5095 or email

All cats deserves a good home and these two would love windows to look out and daily loving from their new forever family.

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