Fabulous adult females for adoption

Meet some of our wonderful mature adult female cats.  These girls are sweet and just waiting for their people to come and fall in love with them.  Some were mama cats, others were with us since they were kittens and some made their way to us as adults, probably discarded from their homes.

We just adopted a long term resident Glenys who was here for one month shy of two years, yes she spent a great deal of time in a rescue and is doing very well in her new home.  Adults need homes too and very soon when the kittens start rolling in the adults will sit for another season.

There are many reasons to adopt adults, they are litter trained, have their personality already so you know what you are getting, they are over those crazy kitten antics like climbing the curtains or ripping up the toilet paper, they are usually done their shots(depending on their length of time here)  which will cost you less at your initial visit to the vet and their adoption fee is much cheaper, only $50.00.

Look into the eyes of some of these wonderful girls and you may find your new soul mate.  Can’t you find it in your heart to give just one of these girls a forever home?

Vanni a great mama girl that came in Nov of 2017. She is adorable and gets along with other cats very well.

Ingrid is a sleek black mama that came with three older kittens. Ingird is an attention hog, if you are petting on someone else she buts right in.

Indira is Ingrids daughter, she is now an adult too. She was shy at first but has come along way she too likes being petted and she is a striking cat.

Mia is a pretty dilute calico, she is older but was living outside in a bad situation, the rescue is better than there but she still needs a forever family. Adopted

Anise came in as a kitten and just didn’t get adopted to no fault of her own. Her eye was injured as a baby and that might have been the reason but who among us is perfect. She is a sweet girl, loves pets and gets along with others.

Talie is a mama, her babies gone and she now needs a home. She was very protective of her babies but is now starting to trust humans. Talie has longer hair with a white chest and white paws.

This girl is super friendly, Wileen came with her three babies, she is a Manx or bobtail with a great disposition.

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