Friendly cats rescued from hoarder

These cats lived in horrific conditions before coming to us but despite their environment they are very friendly cats looking for good forever homes. We have placed 8 already but there are still 13 in our care waiting for their new family.

Some are a little shyer than others but most are outgoing and over the top friendly, there are short hair and longer hair in all colors, sizes, boys and girls.  All but one are altered, she is still nursing babies, they are up to date on shots and just waiting for that special person looking for a good companion.

Meet the T group.

Tacoma has the most beautiful green eyes, my photo doesn’t do them justice. He is a super friendly wonderful boy that just wants a human to love. Adopted

Tygan purrs as soon and he gets the attention he wants and needs. He will be a wonderful addition to any family. Adopted

Tavian was shy at first but he has come out of her shell and loves people and other cats, what a handsome boy.

Tillman is still a kitten and he is very lovable and oh so cute. Adopted

Thorin is a good looking special needs boy, he has a neurological problem that his head bobbles back and forth at times. He loves people and other cats and he is not a lot of work, he eats fine and uses the litter box.

Tidus is a handsome boy, a little longer hair and just loves people, any people he can gets his paws on.

Tanzie is a pretty female but yellow eyes. She is friendly after she gets to know her people. Adopted

Taffy also has gorgeous eyes, prettier in person. This girl loves everyone and comes out to visit all people. Adopted

Timbrel is a little older but a sweet girl, I think the younger cats in her room intimidate her some and she likes to be high or stay hidden but she loves people. Adopted

Talini is a kitten, shorter hair and she has a dislocated hip which doesn’t seem to bother her. She is sweet and likes all humans.

Talie is a little on the shy side but I think she is being protective of her babies. She will need to be spayed before she can go home.


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