Meet the magnificent males

We have some of the friendliest adult male cats ever.  Many were from a hoarder situation but what great personalities they have.  Males tend to be on the sweeter side with their humans.

There are many reasons to adopt adults, they are litter trained, have their personality already so you know what you are getting, they are over those kitten antics like climbing the curtains or ripping up the toilet paper, they are usually have all of their shots (depending on how long they were here) will cost you less at your initial visit to the vet and their adoption fee is much cheaper of $50.00.

These are the boys looking for a great life, a loving family, a warm bed and a place to call their own, forever.  They are wonderful wonderful boys.

Zanobi just turned one in our rescue, he has been here since July of last year, he is not the shy boy that came in but a great cat and very handsome.

Gambit soon to be 7, he is an adorable snowshoe. Gambit is a cats cat, he is just Gambit and does his own thing but we love him all the same. He isn’t mean but likes to keep to himself.

Tidus is a very good looking longer hair cat who loves people. Friendly and handsome make him a great pick, had he been a kitten he would have been adopted instantly.

Thorin is too sweet with longer red hair. He has a neurological issue that when he walks or eats his head wobbles side to side. It doesn’t bother him in the least, probably born with it and he eats, drinks, uses the litter box and still wants love from his humans.

Tavian was shy at first but he has come along way. He has gorgeous ticked tabby fur and is quite a sweet guy now, it just him a little time to adjust to our foster home.

Tygan is a marbled brown tabby with white. He is very outgoing and friendly, he has a cloudy eye probably from an untreated infection as a baby but it doesn’t affect his sight at all. Tygan loves playing and is a great cat.


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  1. I have been and still interested in Gambit. Still trying to convince my husband. Is Gambit going to visit any upcoming events at the petstores? Think it will be easier for my husband to view him at an event.

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