Mia passed and took a piece of our hearts with her

A sad day at the Corallo home, we lost one of precious dogs Mia.  Mia was from a litter of 8 lab mix puppies we fostered from 10 days old, she was a great dog with lots of love to give and any chance she got her tongue would show us just how much she loved humans.

She was a daddy’s girl, Ken called her “my brown eyed girl” and she was always looking for him.  Mia hated to go out in the long grass, she would pick up her legs and walk like a prancing horse, winter was her time when the grass was short and she loved the snow, she liked the lake but didn’t swim just loved walking in the water up to her belly.

Mia had a favorite pass time and that was going for car rides with Uncle Jeff, actually she didn’t even need to move but loved sitting in his car, Jeff held a special place in her heart and I think she had a part of his too.

On Wed the 22nd she didn’t eat much, Thursday she ate a little but vomited, she then drank water later in the day and vomited that, we had an appt for her to go to the vets on Friday.  She had an accident in the house which was very unlike her, lying on the floor on her belly she was watching daddy she suddenly dropped to her side and started the labored breathing, we’ve seen death with foster care and he knew this was the end.  He lay down with her and talked to her and within minutes she was gone, she is now with her sister Gabi.  She was never sick and this was so sudden, we have no idea what it was or brought it on.

I never got to say goodbye to her and that is the hardest thing for me, we miss her terribly, she was a few months shy of 10 years and we thought she would be around a lot longer because she was always a healthy girl.

We miss you Mia, you will always be in our memories and in our hearts.  Run free with Gabi, hope the grass isn’t too tall where you are.

Mia relaxing

Brown eyed girl for sure

Her favorite season

Being silly

Puppy Mia

Mia playing with her sister Gabi, together forever now

Mia hanging out with her sister Sadie

Puppy Mia fighting her big brother Baxter, she was having great fun

One thought on “Mia passed and took a piece of our hearts with her

  1. we have a black lab too, shes mommas brown eyed girl, its never goodbye, only …till we meet again , sweet girl. thank you for all you and Ken do.

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