51 unwanted felines in need of a home.

We have 51 cats and kittens looking for a forever home, TNR didn’t seem to affect the number of kittens coming through our doors but I hope those people don’t stop because we humans need to make a difference in these animals lives.  Many cats are euthanized throughout the country because of overpopulation and it’s mans fault, spay and neuter is the only way along with adopting to stop the death for these wonderful creatures.

I tell my adopters if they adopt 1 cat they saved 2, the one going home and the one I bring in it’s place and if they adopt 2 they saved 4.  So many ways for the average American to help, spay and neuter is the biggest and most effective, female cats can have 2 – 3 litters a year and the average litter size is 5 kittens and those kittens can start reproducing at 5 months old, this adds up to many unwanted cats.

These are the babies we have now looking for you to come adopt them and give them the life they deserve.

Talini, spayed adult

Falza, spayed teenage female kitten

Falconer, neutered teenage male kitten

Adlai, neutered male

Oni, spayed female

Edmonton, neutered male kitten Adopted

Elista, spayed female kitten Adopted

Aasha, spayed female kitten

Dagda, neutered male kitten

Fife, neutered male kitten Adopted

Helice, spayed adult female

Abtin, neutered male Adopted

Adesha, spayed female kitten

Kaz, spayed female kitten Adopted

Nairi, spayed female kitten Adopted

Nakisai, spayed female kitten

Ofa, neutered male kitten

Parnell, neutered male kitten

Annis, DMH spayed teenage female kitten Adopted

Megan, spayed female senior Adopted

Alton, neutered male kitten

Ahab, neutered male kitten Adopted

Adri, neutered male kitten Adopted

Akili, spayed female kitten Adopted

Tameko, spayed female kitten Adopted

Tago, neutered male kitten Adopted

Useni, neutered male kitten Adopted

Uluaki, female kitten Adopted

Ulu, female kitten Adopted

Lemmie, neutered male kitten Adopted

Uleki, neutered male kitten Adopted

Wyleen, spayed teenage female kitten Adopted

Wyuna, spayed teenage female kitten Adopted

Washi, spayed teenage female kitten Adopted

Washta, spayed teenage female kitten Adopted

Yagoona, female kitten Adopted

Yanaba, female kitten Adopted

Yaholo, neutered male kitten Adopted

Zenith, male kitten Adopted

Zima, female kitten Adopted

Dagwood, male kitten Adopted

Dashiki, female kitten Adopted

Davorin, male kitten Adopted

Valtiny, female kitten Adopted

Vander, male kitten Adopted

Vanda, female kitten Adopted

Veetini, male kitten Adopted

Valerian, male kitten Adopted

Valu, male kitten Adopted


2 thoughts on “51 unwanted felines in need of a home.

  1. Hi Kim,

    My name is Pam Morningstar. I am interested in adopting 1 possibly 2 kittens (preferably males). I have adopted from you in the past several years ago.

    I recently had to put down my 14 year old cat and I am looking for a kitten. The adult female (Leah) and 2 of her kittens that I adopted are with my adult daughter who has moved out on her own. She was very attached to them. So I currently have no other cats living in the household.

    Can you let me know when a good time to stop in and visit the kittens.

    Thank You,

    Pam Morningstar

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