Thanksgiving – Perfect time to adopt

With Thanksgiving coming up, parents are off of work and kids out of school it’s the perfect time to adopt a kitten.  You will have a long weekend to help your new forever friend adjust to their new family and surroundings and by Monday when it’s time to go back to work and school kitty will be played out and happy for a day of peace.

We have many kitties available for adoption.  Many are already altered, vaccinated and ready to go home.  For more info call 717-225-5095.

Check them out.

Falza spayed female

Falconer neutered male

Helice spayed female

Kee Kee spayed female

Alton neutered male

Kicki spayed female

Kagan spayed female

Aasha spayed female

Nakisai spayed female

Annix spayed female

Parnell neutered male

Adlai neutered male

Oni spayed female

Dagda neutered male

Ofa neutered male

Adesha spayed female

Istu neutered male

Ibsen neutered male

Inari spayed female

Izusa female

Akala female

Javona spayed female

Jolisa spayed female

Manchu male

Mahola female

Manisha female

Nevina spayed female

Otilie female

Odiya neutered male

Oketa spayed female

Overton neutered male

Oswin neutered male

Orton neutered male

Palaki neutered male

Qiana female

Sooki female

Spirit female

Sanzio neutered male

Renshaw neutered male

Arianne spayed female

Amarosa spayed female

Awendi female

Afram neutered male

Adesina spayed female

Bearnaise spayed female

Talini spayed female

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