2018 was a purrfect kitty year

All About the Kitties had 37 kitties starting 2018, over the next 12 months we took in 453 more for a total of 490 felines in our care. We of course could not take care of all of these kitties without our volunteers. We can’t thank them enough for what they do, they are here weekly some daily sweeping, scooping and cleaning, not just playing with the kitties, they have a tough job and do it well. Ken and I thank you all for dedicating your time to help take care of the felines that come through our home.

This year was great for adoptions we placed 417 kitties and cats in their new forever homes, most of them were strays or from colonies that would have lived their lives outside in the elements many would not have survived. Others were adopted through LCCR at the pet stores in the Harrisburg area and some were returned to owners. Thank you to all who adopted because without you we could not do what we do.

Over all there are many happy kitties living the life they deserve but we can’t forget the ones that crossed the Rainbow Bridge and are now living with the Angels. Tavian became ill and had to be euthanized due to enlarged kidneys, the vet believes inbreeding from a hoarder. Pasang ate his breakfast and within an hour was laying in my arms until he took his last breath, unknown cause, possibly fading kitten syndrome. Gershom and Abasi both developed FIP and our last little one Afram passed from pneumonia. It’s always so hard to see death in a rescue, we do everything possible for these kitties but sometimes it is out of our control.

Tavian was a little shy at first but turned into a great cat, we loved him while he was
with us.  You are pain free and with the Angels handsome man.
This sweet lovable little boy Pasang  was a joy and died 
way too young, we only had a short time to love him. 
Abasi was a handsome boy, shy but sweet.
Run Free
Gershom was an over the top friendly boy and it was so sad to see him leave this world at such a young age.  Fly with the Angels little man.
Afram was a gentle soul that should have had
a happy life, I’m sorry little man that I couldn’t 
help you, I will always remember you.

We are looking forward to a time when all of these unwanted kitties don’t need to come to us, hoping TNR finally kicks in and there are less kitties looking for homes, hoping humans do the right thing by spaying and neutering their animals, hoping people don’t get tired of their furry friends and just throw them out. Hoping one day there will be no need for rescues but as long as I have air in my lungs and a beat in my heart I will do whatever possible to help these wonderful creatures.

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