Special needs kitties, need homes

Kitties are so cute and cuddly, but not all are perfect and those kitties get over looked when visitors come. These two kitties are special needs kitties that are looking for their forever home.

 First is Manchu an all black boy that arrived with very little use of his back legs, he had a hump on his mid back and walked very low to the ground, we took him to the vets for a visit and it couldn’t be determined if he was born that way or if he had an injury but either way he needed help.

We kept him in a cage for a while with rugs so he wouldn’t slip, started laser treatments on his back, after 2 weeks of laser treatments we started exercising the back legs.  Manchu is in a room now and getting around much better, he still has the hump but he walks much taller, his left back foot still turns in when he walks.  He is a happy boy and doesn’t know he is any different from the other kitties.  He gets to where he wants to be as you can see in the pictures.

Next is poor Rangle also all black, when he arrived every time was would go to pet him in flinched and upon looking at his eyes we thought one was blind in one and the other looked very much like entropion causing him to have very little and probably blurred site due to the irritation. 

His vet visit confirmed both were the cases, his left eye was removed and extensive work was done on the right eye, he now has vision in the right, is pain free and is a very sweet boy that loves belly rubs.

These two very sweet boys need a home of their own; they came with disabilities but are doing well.  Please consider adopting one or both of our special needs kitties.  They are in the same room and have been living together for 4 weeks; both purr when petted and get along very well.

Manchu on the top of the tower
He is getting around well
He doesn’t care that he has a hump
Rangle doesn’t know he is missing an eye and he is pain free so much happier than when he first arrived. He is a sweet gentle soul.

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