Accalia (dilute calico female) Adopted

Say hello to Accalia a dilute calico female kitten. She is a Loving Care cat rescue kitty living at All About the Kitties satellite which is located in Spring Grove Pa, for the FASTEST response call (717) 225-5095 or email   We have very flexible hours, you can visit 7 days a week almost any time. 

Before contacting us we want to make you aware that we do not allow our kitties or cats to be declawed.

Accalia was part of a TNR program, once she was altered the trapper noticed she had a bit of a wobble in her hind legs and we are thinking she has a low grade Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition which does not worsen, she may even improve with age. Accalia is a sweet little soul that loves being petted, she is a little nervous about being held but she will love on you at her level. Accalia having a slight wobble has no trouble getting around and uses the litter box without an issue. She doesn’t know she’s different than any other kitty and she is adorable, we hope to find her a great forever indoor home. Accalia doesn’t care for dry food, she eats small amounts but she is a piggy when it comes to her canned food so for her wet is a must.

Her ID # is KC 1432 the adoption fee for highly adoptable is $100.00 which includes a negative Felv and FIV test, distemper shots, worm meds and flea treatment plus her spay. We also offer a microchip for only $25.00 more. If you choose to adopt 2 Loving Care kitties the fee is only $150.00, two kitties are always better than one, the microchip fee for two is $45.00. We cannot hold kittens, its first come first pick.

Loving care cat rescue is an organization that helps cats in need, they are a no-kill rescue that has foster homes throughout Central Pa helping unwanted cats and kittens find their new forever homes.

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