Adult cats in need of love!

These cats are all in our care, they are adults some came in as babies but didn’t get picked, others came as adults, either TNR and too nice to put back out or owner surrender and the sad one is kitties adopted as babies and returned once they became adults.

The kitties usually get all of the attention and the big cats wait, some of these guys have been with over a year, some are shy but others are very outgoing. Everyone young and old needs a home so we don’t mind if you adopt babies but keep these guys in mine when searching for a feline friend.

Talini is a spayed female, she came from a hoarder situation in March of 2018. DOB 5-16-17
Falconer is a little over a year, he was shy when he arrived, somewhat better but still a little aloof, once in a home he would probably come around. DOB 2-3-18
Adlai or half tail as we call him, his tail was injured and fell off. He is also shy but has come a long way. DOB 4-6-18
Oni is a pretty marbled girl and gets along with others but she was shy and now she’s an adult. DOB 4-8-18
Manchu will be an adult at the end of the month, he had an injured back and still has a hump plus his legs wobble when he walks making him hard to place. DOB 7-30-18
Agnieska is a senior girl, fluffy and nice enough but it’s on her terms, she is a cat that will not come just because you want her to but she does love pets. DOB 2009
Aggit lived in a shed before she came to us. She was adopted twice but picked on the other cats, she is fine with these but I guess there are some cats she can’t tolerate. She is a bit overweight too. DOB 2016
Abbodonza was a sad site when he arrived, ear and eye infections and URI. He was a TNR but not taken care of by his so called caregivers so he stayed with us. DOB 2017
This very beautiful small girl Midnight loves humans but not other cats so much, she did live with one and he was adopted. She sometimes plays like a kitten but mostly she is quiet. DOB 8-30-17
Elfida came with babies and had the option to be put back out but we hate to do that. She has come a long way since she arrived and she nursed orphans for us. DOB 2018
Sammie aka Fidel was returned because he was not doing well with the dominant cat in the house, this is a pic from his first visit with us, he has put on some weight and bigger now. DOB 5-25-18
Nani is a wonderful petite girl, she had of litter of kitties that left and Nani took on orphans and nursed them to health. She deserves a great home. DOB 5-2018 Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 7-17-19
Valona is a small mama cat that has had enough with little ones. She is free roaming the basement with the adults. She is a sweet girl that gets along with everyone. DOB 2017
Fayola is a very nice girl that had 6 babies, she is a great mom and sweet soul. DOB 10-2017
Olivia is our senior front declawed Lynx Point. She is super friendly and talks every time we are near her. She is a joy. DOB 2008
Logan is a sad story, adopted two years ago he was adopted as a baby, his owner decided she didn’t have time for him so he is back as an adult in our rescue. Logan is a really great cat, he is big and just a perfect boy and he is microchipped. DOB 6-27-17
Breeze and his sister adopted last year as babies to a family with 4 kids. One year later they realize they are too busy for these guys, now adults and how to place these guys compete for a new forever home. He is sweet but doesn’t understand where his family it. DOB 3-6-18
Adonna is Breeze’s sister, returned because people don’t think before they adopt. She is a nice girl that just doesn’t get why she was dumped at the rescue. DOB 3-6-18
Poor Jayde didn’t even have a chance to grow up before she became pregnant. At 4 1/2 pound she gave birth to four youngsters, one passed so she had 3 to raise. Babies having babies should never happen but people need to spay and neuter to stop it. She is a sweet and pretty girl that can go home once her babies are weaned. DOB 11-2018

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