$65.00 Adoption fee for adult companions

These cats are ready for adoption, it’s always a good idea to adopt adult cats because they are mellow and have out grown their crazy kitten antics. Many are still playful but mostly love looking out windows and nap in a warm spot. Most just want a human to love them, feed them and never abandon them, they have been down that road before.

These are the cats looking for their new forever homes and for $65.00 one of these great cats can be your new best friend. Call 717-225-5095 or email allaboutthekitties@gmail.com for more details.

Talini, our long term resident is a spayed female and a sweet heart. She has a few medical conditions that are treatable but people shy away from a kitty with any health problems. Adopted
Oni came in as a kitten and she was on the shy side. Now an adult she needs a person that understands time is her friend and in a new home she should come around with patience.
Falconer came last year, all of his siblings have been adopted but he is still waiting. He is nervous around strangers but time is his friend, he needs to trust and a person that has time to give him would be a great fit.
Manchu is now an adult, he came with a lower back problem and couldn’t walk up straight, he now walks tall but has wobbly back legs, it doesn’t keep him off the towers and he loves attention when he is high. Adopted
Abeeb has a darling round apple face, she is small but solid. Abeeb would do best in a home with no other cats, she likes people but not a fan of her breed. Adopted
Irina came from a high kill shelter with her babies, she raised them and 3 other litters now she needs a home of her own. She is a friendly girl that loves being petted, she is a great adult cat. Adopted
Fargo is a handsome man that was adopted but returned, he has been nervous since he came back but starting to come out of his shell, petting by the volunteers is helping him trust again.
Quamby is a sleek black male but always kept to himself, lately he has been coming around for attention and once he learns it’s a good thing I think his shell will crack and his true colors will shine through.
Agnieska is our senior, a longer hair beauty, the volunteers nick named her “Granny”. She seems to get along with other cats fine but will hide when new people enter her territory.
Aggit is a sweet girl but would do better without other cats, she put on a good bit of weight when she was at the pet store so she will need to be on a wet food diet. She likes humans and needs exercise to help her trim down.
Abbodanza is a male cat that was dumped in a barn when his owner died, we took him in hoping to get him another inside forever home.
Sammie formerly Fidel was adopted but had issues with the dominant cat in the home, he likes to boss these kids around too so a home without cats might be best. This is an older picture and he is bigger now. Adopted
Valona came with her babies, they have been adopted but she waits for a home because she is an adult. She is friendly and easy going and should make a great pet. Adopted
Toro was adopted as a baby and returned after two years for no good reason, some people can’t commit to pets. He is a wonderful boy and will make a great pet, he gets along with other cats just fine.
Big beautiful, soft silky Sophie adopted as a baby and returned two years later, this girl is a sweetheart that was not properly taken care of, very overweight and fleas infested when she came back but she still has a great attitude and loves humans. Sophie needs to lose weight so wet food is a must.
Fayola was a mama girl that had 6 kitties, she was a great mom and now needs a family to call her own. She is easy going and a sweet girl.
Saleen is a spayed mama cat that raised her babies and a few others that needed help. She is an easy girl that likes to be held, Saleen has huge adorable ears.

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