$65.00 fee for kittens over 5 months of age

We have some wonderful sweet kitties that are over 5 months old and still looking for their new forever homes. These kitties are already altered and up to date on their shots. For the month of October we are offering these kitties at a $65.00 adoption fee.

The best part about adopting an older kitten is they have already formed their personalities and you know exactly what you are getting. Most of these babies are sweet, lovable and playful.

These are the kitties available at the $65.00 adoption fee and if you would like a microchip we can do that for an extra $25.00. This is a small price to pay for something that will love you unconditionally. Call 717-225-5095 or email allaboutthekitties@gmail.com for more info and state that you saw the reduced fee to save you even more money.

Arella is a spayed female
Anchali is a super friendly neutered male
Adine is a sweet spayed female
Ustin is a fun neutered male
Macklin and his brother Minster are handsome tux males
Naveed is our good eater and a very good looking boy
Nyota is a spayed female
Radley is over the top friendly to humans and other kitties (adopted)
Reza is a small female for her age with lots of energy
Heaton is bigger now and he has a bum eye but that doesn’t stop him from loving on people.
Huntly started out shy but has come out of his shell, great kitty
Harkin has soft fur, he’s a little on the shy side but coming around.
Honza is a handsome tabby with pretty, he’s a sweet boy
Varun is a sleek little black boy with lots of energy.
Vanaja is a little girl for her age but is full of spunk
Xela is a pretty tabby girl with big eyes and she loves humans
Xandi has a pretty coat and she love people, she’s a talker
Xya looks a lot like her sisters, all have huge eyes and are super friendly, these are great girls
Xowie is the biggest in his litter and the only gray one, he is a friendly boy and quite handsome.
Sweet, playful and perfect is Yoola, she’s a wonderful little girl.
Yelutci is a big boy with a large personality, he is a looker and a great kitty.

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