Visit these 51 kitties ready for adoption.

These are all of the kitties in our satellite that are in need of homes, TNR doesn’t seem to be working because there are many kittens and cats in need of forever homes.

Some have been found outside, some are from people surrendering their pets and others are returns from people that adopt as babies and then bring them back when they are adults.

You can go on our “how to adopt” for info, call 717-225-5095 or email to find out how you can help save lives by adopting one or two of our wonderful felines.

These are the kittens under a year old that still need a loving family of their own. Many are neutered and ready to go home, others can be adopted but must be altered before they can leave. Enjoy browsing, they are sweet souls.

Evita White female
Eshe White female
Elvie white female
Delija spayed female, one blue eye (adopted)
Dajana spayed female
Daliborka spayed female
Davida spayed female
Ashwina spayed female
Savina spayed female (adopted)
Zaltana spayed female
Zerlina spayed female
Yelutci neutered male
Yoola spayed female
Yirki spayed female (adopted)
Xandi spayed female
Xela spayed female
Honza male
Adine spayed female
Harkin neutered male
Qayim neutered male
Pryor neutered male
Pineki spayed female
Peta spayed female
Addie spayed female
Naveed neutered male
Nyota spayed female
Macklin neutered male
Minster neutered male
Abeeb spayed female
Jacy neutered male
Jadrien neutered male
Heaton neutered male

Anchali neutered male
Amaline spayed female
Tassie spayed female
Tandie spayed female
Radley neutered male
Rolt DMH neutered male
Risto neutered male
Reza spayed female
Varun neutered male
Ustin neutered male
Vachya spayed female
Vanaja spayed female
Walford neutered male (adopted)
Wheaton neutered male (adopted)
Arella spayed female
Huntly neutered male
Xowie neutered male
Xya spayed female
Avril spayed female
Cariba DMH female
Chaz male
Bakari male
Bailin male

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