43 Kittens need you!! Please adopt

Kitten season should be over but we are overloaded with kitties that need forever loving homes and there are many more on a waiting list ready to come but we can’t save their lives until we adopt some that are already here.

Most of the kitties in our care are over the top friendly, a few are your typical cat that wants love on their terms and there are a handful that are shy and need work.

These are the babies looking for homes. Babies are $85.00, kitties 5 month to a year are $65.00 for the month of October and if you would like an adult they are $35.00.

Abeeb spayed female
Arella spayed female
Heaton neutered male
Huntly neutered male
Jadrien neutered male
Jacy neutered male
Minster neutered male
Macklin neutered male
Naveed neutered male
Nyota spayed female
Qamra spayed female
Qayim neutered male
Addie spayed female
Peta spayed female
Pineki spayed female
Pryor neutered male
Tandie spayed female
Tassie spayed female
Amaline spayed female
Harkin neutered male
Honza neutered male
Adine spayed female
Varun neutered male
Vanaja spayed female
Xela spayed female
Xandi spayed female
Zaltana spayed female
Zerlina spayed female
Cariba spayed female
Xowie neutered male
Xya spayed female
Avril spayed female
Amery neutered male
Alphonse neutered male
Aldan neutered male
Adnan neutered male
Hanus neutered baby male
Aldith spayed baby female
Gacala spayed baby female
Gian Doe neutered baby male
Gwielo baby male
Guy neutered baby male
Isca baby female

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