Weekend after Black Friday special fees

Black Friday has come and gone, 7 kitties were adopted and in their new forever homes. For the next two days we are offering a deal on microchips, only $10.00 to chip the kitty you adopt. We still have 55 cats and kittens looking for a home for Christmas.

Bringing a kitty home on Christmas day is not the best idea but 4 weeks early is purrfect. Christmas week is hectic with people coming and going, last minute shopping and preparing the meal so trying to help a kitten adjust to his or her new home can be very overwhelming for both the kitty and human. Getting the kitten or cat early gives them time to adjust to their new environment and once Christmas is here they are comfortable and things will go smoothly.

If interested in adopting you can email allaboutthekitties@gmail.com or call 717-225-5095 to be approved and set up an appointment.

We have a lot of kitties and cats to choose from and sometimes it’s difficult to pick so you can visit each kitty on this website. allaboutthekitties.org

Enjoy looking.

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