Isa – FIP survivor needs a home Adopted

This is Isa, he was diagnosed 13 weeks ago with wet FIP, he was still a happy boy and eating so we brought him home to give him love until it was time to have him put down. A week later we found out about the new drug that can save FIP cats so we started him on GS injections, these shots were daily shots for 12 weeks, after about 10 days the fluid in his abdomen started to dissipate and his appetite increased. In two weeks time the fluid in his abdomen was gone and we could see the muscle coming back, the bones that we could see were no longer visible and at four weeks you would have never known he was sick.

Isa loves humans and other kitties, he is full of energy and would love a home of his own. If you are interested in adopting this special boy email at or call 717-225-5095.

Just a year ago this boy would have lost the battle to deadly FIP, he was one of the lucky ones that responded very well to the drug.

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