Jackie RIP dear friend

This post is dedicated to a very special human being who was taken from this world way to young and way too soon.  Jackie Gotwalt was a nurse that worked with the elderly but her passion was for the less fortunate, the unwanted kitties brought into this cruel world because mankind does not take responsibility.  Jackie did her best to save as many as possible along with working full time, taking care of her household and feeding a colony.  Jackie’s kitties always came to us in excellent condition, flea free, plump and friendly, these kitties were easily adoptable because of the work she put into them while in her care.  We’ve only known Jackie for a year and a half and we learned quickly that she truly cared for the babies she took in, she was excellent with bottle babies, ones that she wasn’t sure would make it pulled through with her loving hands.  No kitty was to far or to sick for Jackie to help, the world needs more Jackie’s in it because she was awesome.

Jackie was at our home with 4 sick kitties on Thursday, everything seemed fine except the kitties were pretty sick and needed extra attention, Jackie never complained about going the extra mile to help the little ones that were in dire straits, she loved them so much.  Friday when the phone rang and her number popped up I thought one of the kitties got worse or maybe died but my heart sank when it was her daughter on the other end of the line telling me that Jackie herself had passed.  Even though I was not a member of Jackie’s family I took the news very hard, I respected all of the work that Jackie did for the little ones, for all of the lives that she saved and for the love she gave them while in her care. 

These pictures are a tribute to Jackie, these are just a few pictures of the kitties she saved and brought to us since Dec of 2018, a total of 82 lucky kitties came and were adopted through our rescue and she saved more that were placed directly from her home. 

Her work wasn’t done, she had many more lives to save and for the life of me I can’t figure out why God would take someone so important in caring for his little creatures.  My heart aches with tears rolling down my cheeks while I write this story about an Angel; one that will be missed by so many people, I still can’t believe that Jackie will never walk through my front door with carriers of kittens in tow.

We know that “Jackie’s heaven” is filled with kittens so I’m praying you are surrounded with the fluffy little bundles of fur right now, you deserve nothing short of Eternal Bliss. 

Jackie we have your 4 sick kitties and the bottle baby; we will take care of them and when they are adopted we’ll remember the tireless work you did for so many.  When I’m taking care of little ones you will be in my thoughts, there is no chance I will ever forget you.

Rest in peace my special friend.

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