Rags to Riches – a memory from 2017

Three years ago today I was contacted by two gals that came across a horrific situation in Perry Co, many cats and kittens living in filth, starving without food and had many medical issues. I told her to put all she can get into carriers and bring them to our rescue, many were already picked up by the local humane society and we fear were euthanized because of their conditions.

When they arrived I was shocked that these kittens were still alive, skin and bones, loaded with fleas that I’m surprised they didn’t die from anemia, they also had a terrible case of ear mites. They had eye issues, URI’s along with the fleas and mites they were in a sad way.

There were 7 kittens and 3 adults, some of the kittens were in better shape than the little ones but all needed tlc. At 1:00 in the morning we started treating every kitty and cat with fluids, eye meds, worm meds and feeding them KMR and wet food. The next day we bathed them before treating them with flea meds. Each cat needed clean bath water because the water was blood red from all of the fleas, I have never seen so many fleas before. We were not sure if all of these babies were going to make it but we were not giving up on them. The one white kitty had sun burnt ears so badly they started to curl back. This was a night I will never forget.

Spending time with a good friend who is a vet, after about a week their eyes started to clear and they started to put on some weight, everyone was doing better than the night they arrived and all of them survived. Every cat and kitty from Perry Co found forever loving homes. This is why we do what we do, these guys would have perished in the elements and starved a slow lingering death. They were lucky the gals happened upon them.

The pictures show the conditions they came from and some before and after of the very injured and sick ones. It’s not pleasant to look at but it’s reality and TNR is a must to prevent this from happening again.

I know we didn’t get all of the kitties there and some were taken elsewhere and it breaks my heart not knowing if they survived or were put down but I’m thankful for these lives that we were able to save.

When they were found food was given until they came to us.
Looking for food that was not there.
This was from combing before their bath, the bath water was just as red. The comb was one swipe through the fur, that’s how many fleas these poor babies had.
Emerald the night she arrived with a ruptured eye.
Emerald after food and surgery to remove the eye.

Glinda when she arrived, thin and very sick.
Glinda after treatment and many good meals.
Kansas when he arrived, we weren’t sure there was an eye in there.
Kansas after treatment, flea free and a happy kitty.
Poppy was starving, her ears curling back from being sun burnt.
Poppy looking fabulous, eating three meals and day, safe and content.
Tin Man had some neuro issues and very thin.
Tin Man with good food and no fleas was so happy, he is a great cat and his neuro issues didn’t stop him from getting where he wanted to be.
Uncle Henry looked years older than he really was, being outside his entire life was not good for this man, he walked stiff and his coat was horrific.
Uncle Henry with a nice bath, good food daily and a soft bed, wow look at the difference. And yes that is the same cat!
Auntie Em was not in as bad condition as some, still thin, flea infested and ear mites but overall she looked good compared to the others.
Garland was a small kitten, emaciated with fleas and ear mites but no injuries.
Nikko was a little bigger than the other kittens, he was one of the lucky ones other than the fleas and ear mites, he had no injuries.
Wizard was also little but he looked pretty good compared to the other babies, he still had to deal with fleas and ear mites but we took care of that.

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