Stray adults make great pets

This is Alpinolo an adult male cat that was part of a tnr program at a trailer park. When Tracy found him he was in very bad condition with eye problems, ear issues that he had his ears scratched raw, he was matted and very scared. We were told that the other male cats would attack him. Alpinolo is about 5 years old and we didn’t know his history but we took him in because he didn’t have a safe place to go. He was with us for about a month and started to trust humans but still quite shy and scared, we were not sure he was going to make it as an inside cat. Al hung with one of our personal cats and we knew he would be fine living with other felines.

Someone finally took a chance on this handsome boy and he is now in his new forever home, not knowing how long it would take him to adjust they adopted anyway. After only five days of hiding Alpinolo started to make his way out and about, these pics in a very short time of his adoption show older cats that are shy can adjust, some quicker than others but it can happen if only given the chance. Al was lucky to find a great forever home and he is a happy outgoing cat as he should be.

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