Special needs kitties would love a home.

This is a very sad story, these kitties along with a younger group were taken from a colony but sadly a little to late to save all of them. We took the bigger ones first as they were ready for spaying and neutering. Of the 4 only one has been adopted so far, the other three had damage done to their eyes before they were rescued and the eyes were to far gone to save.

Dabi is a sweet soft tuxedo that is missing one eye but the other seems to be fine, Dabi is a lovable little boy and very small for his age, we call him a permakitty. Dallan didn’t fair so well, he is also missing an eye and the other was badly damaged with scarring, we don’t know how much sight he actually has but he uses the litter box and comes for his wet food. He is a little spooked when you approach him and I’m sure it’s because he can’t see well but once in his new home he should adjust to the surroundings and learn the sounds of his new family in time. Duvessa has both eyes but both are scarred from the infection, she seems to get around very well and she does have sight but we again are not sure how much. These kitties had a rough start in life and deserve a family to call their own, they were let down by human beings and we don’t plan on letting them down again.

Sadly we learned that two of the little ones from the colony have passed, we are hoping the last two survive. RIP little ones.

These are the kitties ready to go home. Meet Dabi, Dallan and Duvessa.

This is little Dabi, his right eye is looking good, the left is gone. Adopted
Dallan is a handsome boy, he is missing the one eye and has limited vision in the other, he would do well in a quiet home. Adopted
Duvessa has both eyes but both are cloudy although she gets around fine so she may be limited but has some vision.

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