Shy to special! A kitty’s story

Many people will not take a chance on shy kitties in rescues which is so sad. This story shows that once in homes very shy kitties can actually be one of the best pets ever. Rayvn came to us from Spring Grove with many other kitties, some friendly, some slightly shy but Rayvn was one that we were not sure if she was adoptable. She would hide in the tower and hiss every time we reached in to pet her, we could pull her out and she would sit on your lap but once you removed hands from petting she ran right back into her safe haven. The entire time she was here she hissed when we got near her, even when the adopters came to visit she was hiding in her tower. She did sit on the adopters lap and lucky for her the family decided to take a chance on her.

This is Rayvn now in her new home comfortable and happy, she knows the voice of her person and comes running when she hears her. She is also not hiding by any means and has the life every kitty, outgoing or shy deservers. We are so happy Rayvn found her forever home, thank you for taking a chance on her. She is growing into a beautiful girl and she is so very lucky we were able to get her off the streets and find her a loving forever home.