We have not given up on rescue! Just delayed it.

For those who follow my website, my facebook and my kitties I wanted to give you an update as to why you are not seeing kitties listed.  I have not given up on rescue or kitties but I’m sure the kitties have given up on us as we have not been able to help place any for awhile.  Last year I had surgery for arthritis in my ankle, the surgery the dr did didn’t fix the problem and I had to have another surgery in Jan to resolve the issue.  I have been in a wheelchair for over a year now with the end in sight being June of 2022. 

We were still taking a small amount of kitties and adults for the last year thinking I’d soon be up and walking which didn’t happen as of yet.  With me not being able to help it has gotten to be too much for Ken alone so we had to stop taking kitties altogether.  We are hoping once I am on my feet we can start up again but I’m not sure when that will be. 

With the failed surgery things went downhill for me quickly, I lost my job, lost my insurance in May and Cobra should start soon but the cost is insane.  If you have any foot or ankle issues it’s my opinion to stay away from Dr Hall, everything started with the surgery he did last May and the complications are continuing from that surgery.

I lost a lot during the past year but helping kitties is the thing that hurts my heart the most, I know this is a terrible year for the amount of babies being born and with us out of commission it’s putting more stress on the other rescues and I hope they can understand my situation and reason for not being able to help right now. 

Once I’m walking if we still have our health we will start up again, probably will not take the number of kitties we did before but certainly help as many as we can.  For two years in a row we had 70 kitties and cats in our basement at one time and adopted out over 400 each year but I think as we get older we won’t be able to handle that many.

If you are looking for a kitty please contact loving care cat rescue directly at lovingcarecatrescue@gmail.com

Thank you all for your support over the years and hope to see you soon.

Kim and Ken