The End of an Era

For so many years we were caring for 11 cats and 4 dogs of our own. We are now down to 5 cats and no dogs, sadly we lost the last dog last week. Sadie our Cardigan Welsh Corgi would have been 15 years old on August 30th but she could not hang on for that milestone. She is now playing with her favorite friend Gabi our St Bernard in heaven. Sadie was a beautiful blue merle that we brought home 14 1/2 years ago, she was 5 months old at the time, she was being trained for a show dog but her owners husband became sick and they didn’t have time to train her, lucky for us as we had a wonderful pup in this girl. She came with huge ears that she had to grow into but she never did. She was a happy go lucky dog that bounced around like a puppy up until two weeks before she left this world. Sadie was a healthy girl with very few issues over her long life, 15 is good for a Corgi and she loved life everyday. We will miss you Sadie but you told us it was time and we would never let you suffer. We miss all of our dogs but Sadie being the last is extra difficult, it may be a long time until we get over this loss. RIP sweet Sadie.