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Use this menu to search for the type of cat you’re looking for. We focus on kittens, but also have adult cats and cats on our weight-loss program available for adoption. Search by Kittens, Adult cats or Obese cats to find the pet that will be best suited for your family.

8 thoughts on “Available Kittens & Cats

    • There are not many young kittens right now, if you way a few weeks the babies will start coming in. Keep looking on the site and once you see what you are looking for you may apply.

  1. We are looking for a short hair cat, or kitten . In Oct we lost our 18 year old cat.she was an abyssIan
    À loved dearly and we feel we are ready to love a ñew family member.we have a 5 lb. Pomona so a small cat would be great

    • We do not have any kittens right now but within the next few weeks they should start coming. Please check our site and email at allaboutthekitties@gmail.com if you are interested in any. It might be a good idea to apply in the mean time that way when you see one you like you would already be approved and get the kitty you want.

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