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      • Hello Kim… I was just in my daughters town and found 3 kittens approx. 9-10 wks old living under a shed. And as it is, the towns people are known for ridding of them in unkind ways. Is there anyway that they could be accepted into your shelter and what could I do so that they may have a chance…I am willing to pay for whatever needs to be done. They are a little shy right now but I hope to work on that. One is fluffy black and white another is fluffy calico and one looks like Bebop and no tail also. Thanks, Michelle

  1. Hi Kim. I read your story about Mee Noi. I know that must be hard of on you. I’m so sorry about that little guy. Glad he had you for a part of his life. These tragic things can only reinforce the reasons there are people like you out there, to give a healthy beginning to those who may not have had any opportunity at all. as much as these things hurt to be a part of, never stop giving of yourself for it comes out of you regardless! Thank you for your selfless love and attention, Amy

  2. I am interested in Basilio. Can you please tell me when he will be ready to be adopted, the process and fees associated with it? Also how far are you from Towson, MD

    • First you must apply through the YCSPCA on the link in his listing. It is not a problem being out of state. He should be ready in about 3 weeks but keep in mind it’s first come first pick to do the application right away and then you may visit him.

  3. My name is Danielle Adams. I just called about a kitten, then was referred to this site. My boyfriend amd I are interested in your Tortie / calico kittens…. Mahala and Meena…. are they available? My number is 4436420775. I’m in Bel Air, MD….how far is spring Grove, PA? …… feel free to call whenever or text!

    Thank you!!


    • These two are already picked but we have other kitties looking for a family, anyone who is not listed as adopted or pending is available.

  4. Hi Kim,
    This is Sheryl Chalk and I adopted a kitten from you a couple of years ago. His name is Raider and he is a grey tabby from one of your litters. He is doing great and is the most affectionate cat ever. We love him so much and the feeling is mutual from him too!! I work at Snyders and we are posting your donation letters in the Plant. Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I will be referring you to anyone who is interesting in adopting.


  5. Hi Ken and Kim…….Just want to let you know that Tegan is doing great. She loves having the freedom to roam the house. She usually sleeps on the couch and love to sit in the window, observing the squirrels and birds.

  6. Hello I was just curious if the kittens are tested for the Feline Leukrmia Virus and Feline immunodeficiency virus before adoption? I prefer being reached by email. Thank you.

    • I don’t have your email so hope you see this. In all of the listings it’s state they have been tested for both Felv and FIV. We are a no kill so it would state if negative or positive in the listing.

  7. Hi Kim,
    Just wanted to send updates on Chloe and Bella. Bella weighs 6.6 lbs and Chloe is 6.5 lbs. I send pictures tp Deb so I hope she forwards them to you. The girls are growing like weeds. They love to play, run around the house like crazy cats and be mischievous. They sleep with us every night and love to have attention which they get very much of! Thanks again for your continued love you give, you are an Angel! Annette

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